48% Kenyans blame unemployment for high poverty rate - survey

48% Kenyans blame unemployment for high poverty rate - survey

Unemployment, social injustice and lack of education are the main causes of the high poverty rate in the country, a new report suggests.

According to the report dubbed 'Sauti za wananchi' released by Twaweza East Africa on Wednesday, 95 per cent of Kenyans think the gap between the rich and the poor is too big.

"Citizens call for the government to create an environment that enables them to thrive. They want more benefits, provision of quality health care, education services and better minimum wage as a way to end poverty," Victor Rateng, the senior researcher said.

Regarding taxes, less than 20 per cent think regulation of taxes on small and large businesses and raising taxes for the rich will help reduce inequality. "The tax figures could be low because the survey was done before the implementation of the VAT on petroleum products," he said.

According to an analysis by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in 2013, anyone with household expenditure above Sh 7,200 per month is among the richest households in the country.

The poorest households were placed at a monthly expenditure of Sh1,440 or less.